SAPience – Vitutal UserDay 13h00 – 17h00
13h00 – 13h30  – Welcome

Frank Haes, AGFA – SAPience Chairman
Tracey Greig, SAPience Managing Director

13h30 – 14h00 Keynote Speaker – Robin Manherz, SAP Customer Performance VP SAP US

16h30 – 17h00 Entertainment – Gamification – Awards & Closing
Winner announcements – Customers who stayed engaged & earned points via the Leader Board

16th December 2020

Time Agenda
13h00 – 13h30 Welcome – Frank Haes & Tracey Greig
13h30 – 14h00 Keynote Speaker – Robin Manherz

Robin Manherz

Robin Manherz as the Keynote speaker will discuss

  • Digital Transformation in Unprecedented Times
  • The global COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly impacted the values and expectations of people and companies in unprecedented ways, dramatically accelerating the pace of digital transformation as a fundamental business imperative. In this keynote, Robin will share SAP’s perspective on resilience within the current climate and its approach to engaging customers, employees, and shareholders to continue on the path towards a sustainable, thriving future.
Time Presentation topic
14h00 – 14h30 How can customers make the most of their Enterprise Support contract, focused on Cloud Solutions and S/4HANA
Presented by SAP.
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Customer: SAP

Partner: SAP

Speaker: Leen Van Helleputte and Rosa Alfonso

Synopsis: We will provide an overview of SAP Enterprise Support: what is it and how does it work, and using a
practical examples explain how customers can leverage its assets. Next that we will dive deeper into the
customer experience topic (C/4HANA) to show how ES supports SAP Cloud solutions.

Finally, we will cover S/4HANA and demonstrate our newly developed SAP Enterprise Support GUIDES program which helps customers with their S/4HANA projects.

14h30 – 15h00 When Automation Takes Over – Draw2produce
Presented by Joris Ide and delaware.
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Customer: Joris Ide

Partner: delaware

Speaker: Bart De Vogel

Synopsis: Purlin production is labour-intensive. From receiving a customer order to manufacturing the final purlin, there is quite some room for error. To produce, a technical drawing is required for the machine operator. This drawing was previously created, up to three times, by three different people, which increased the risk of errors. Now via the implemented integrated solution, the technical drawing is created by an online application, and automatically interfaced with both SAP and CADCAM software and forwarded to the machine operator. This reduces human intervention and the probability of errors. The result is less scrap, less rework, more cost efficiency, and a machine that can produce at its full potential.

15h00 – 15h30 Discover how Agristo is using Mendix for their potato-growers communication platform
Presented by Agristo and delaware.
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Customer: Agristo

Partner: delaware

Speaker: Matts Devriendt

Synopsis: Mendix helps to shorten the time-to-market on the development of new mobile and web applications or portals. Agristo made use of the Mendix platform when creating the communication platform between themselves and the potato-growers resulting in an improved customer experience and a more efficient business-process.

The partnership between Mendix and SAP brings SAP customers a low-code development platform on top of SAP Cloud Platform. With this platform applications can be made at unprecedented speed. Allowing you to build applications around the core, innovate or even test out new business models and this without writing code in the traditional way.

15h30 – 16h00 Roll-out SAP PM including scheduling & mobile solution remotely due to Covid-19
Presented by Ontex and delaware.
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Customer: Ontex

Partner: delaware

Speaker: Hannes Vanderheyden, Laura Debrock and Ken Bauwens

Synopsis: In 2019 the SAP PM project was initiated at Ontex and by end 2019 the pilot plant was operational. For 2020 a plan was agreed to roll-out the solution in 3 additional plants. The first plant in Germany went operational with plant maintenance just before the Covid outbreak in Europe. For the plant in Czech Republic and Turkey we had to update our roll-out plant in order to make it feasible to be realized remotely. During this process we learned what can be done remotely with limited impact, but we also identified pitfalls and disadvantages in remote roll-out.

16h00 – 16h30 Trucky, your Intelligent Inbound Logistics Assistant – How a winning Hackathon solution evolved into an intelligent concept with business value
Presented by TheValueChain
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Speaker: Kenny Mattheyssen

Synopsis: Trucky started as an endeavor to show off our technology skills in a hackathon organized by SAP Co-Innovation Lab EMEA North. It ended up as one of the winners. Today, Trucky is an intelligent concept that is ready to conquer the world.

Trucky is the digital assistant for your inbound logistic challenges – including COVID-19. Think about unclear estimated times of arrival (ETA), ineffective yard management or complicated check-in procedures due to the pandemic.

Trucky integrates easily accessible intelligent technologies like WhatsApp, online planning boards and open source artificial intelligence, which makes it agile to implement and familiar to use. It will boost the efficiency of your inbound logistics and reduce the infection risk because automation is Trucky’s second nature. Check it out!

Time Presentation topic
14h00 – 14h30 Minimize cost and maximize value with SAP on Google Cloud
Presented by Google Cloud.
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Partner: Google Cloud

Speaker: Eddy Reimerink

Synopsis: SAP customers need solutions that provide business agility, rock solid availability, security, lowest TCO and best business value.

Join us to learn how Google Cloud can guide your SAP journey to the cloud with simple and no cost migrations, powerful infrastructure and innovation technologies that you can take advantage of today. Hear examples of SAP customers who have deployed on Google Cloud and the game changing results they are realizing.

You will learn how running SAP on Google cloud delivers more value against lower cost. You will be informed about business and technical differentiators of running SAP on Google Cloud. Also, you will learn how Google as a company is different to work with and how we work with partners. We will zoom in how different customers use SAP on Google cloud and what was the reason for their choice.

Why join?

Are you considering moving your SAP landscape to the cloud? In that case this session is a must do! Google can help you get more value and migrate against lowest costs!
You will be able to share with your colleagues how Google Cloud can help save cost and what are the business benefits of running SAP on Google Cloud

14h30 – 15h00 Moving analytics in the cloud from POC to PROD (and using it)
Presented by STIB-MIVB and Rob Roemers.
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Customer: STIB-MIVB

Partner: Rob Roemers

Speaker: Rob Roemers

Synopsis: For the 2 years STIB-MIVB has been building a Data & Analytics platform in the cloud using a mix of technologies -including but not exclusive to SAP- and approaches. Many of these have been coming to maturity and are being rolled out in production environments now. We’ll talk about the north start vision that was put in place and how we use this to evaluate our (SAP) choices and projects.

15h00 – 15h30 S/4 licensing and SAP Digital Access
Presented by SAP
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Customer: SAPPartner: SAPSpeaker: Gerald Malenstein & Jan Martinus Stalmans

Synopsis: High level overview for the Digital Access presentation:

  • Introduction of SAP Digital Access
  • History of Indirect Use/ Digital Access
  • SAP Digital Access: an all-in license
  • How does SAP Digital Access Works / explain the metric?
  • How do we measure SAP Digital Access?
  • Digital Access Evaluation Service
  • Q&A
15h30 – 16h00 Let our experience help you in choosing the right migration scenario to S/4HANA.
Presented by delaware.
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Customer: Delaware

Speaker: Pieter Lootens

Synopsis:Our experience in migrations led to interesting tools for selecting the right migration option and executing the migration in the most efficient way, minimizing risk and maximizing value.

Over the last few years, our specialists refined the ‘art’ of migrating to S/4HANA. Not just by building up experience with the toolsets SAP provides. A large part of the added value we can offer in this area is related to help you choose the right path to S/4HANA. This includes the selection of the method, the deployment option and realizing the value. Not just as separate items, but as closely interrelated topics. Previous project have show that in many cases the initial ideas had to be adjusted in order to meet the expectations.
Next to that several tools have been deployed to reduce effort and risk of the actual migration.
Discover how we can assist you both in selecting the right steps, and in actually migrating.

16h00 – 16h30 From APO to IBP: the next step to supply chain excellence
Presented by McCOY & Partners.
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Customer: McCOY & Partners

Speaker: Carla Gómez Subils

Synopsis: Imagine that your planning accuracy improves by 5 or 10%, what does that mean for your logistics and financial performance? Or how would it be to integrate all departments and align Demand, Supply and Finance from a single source of truth? Join McCOY for a hands-on explanation about how to go from APO to IBP. During the presentation you will learn how to gain more profit and insight via customer centric planning solutions, understand how to simulate your supply chain needs and discover all the possibilities to reach the perfect plan. All closed up with a practical and relevant system demo.

Ready to take the next step towards supply chain excellence?

Time Presentation topic
14h00 – 14h30 SAP & CX’s strategy: why SAP has a clear focus on customer first.
Presented by SAP.
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Partner: SAP

Speaker: Adrian Nash – Head of Strategy at SAP Customer Experience, SAP UK

Synopsis: This year showed us that it is now more important than ever to be able to not only deeply understand and engage with your customers on an individual level wherever they are, but also to deliver the best possible outcome for your customers at every moment of interaction. Learn more about the SAP Customer Experience strategy and how customers are leveraging our solutions to delight customers in those moments of engagement.

14h30 – 15h00 Bridge the gap between SAP and the shopfloor
Presented by APYX.
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Partner: APYX

Speaker: Bart Claeys

Synopsis: How do you digitize the flows in your factory? How do you shift from paper-based data input to digitalized input and finally to an automated and connected environment? How do you bridge the gap between your (SAP) ERP system and the shopfloor?
Due to highly complex and customer-specific processes, it remains a challenge to digitize the shopfloor and implement an MES solution cost-effectively while maintaining a flexible solution and implementation approach.

The SAP credo ‘keep the core clean’ also applies in a manufacturing setting. SAP ERP is the digital core for stable business processes such as production planning, goods issue, goods receipt, etc. But each plant, production process and production line is a barrel full of nuances that can best be set up in a separate environment.

Discover how we used the power of the Mendix low-code platform to create a flexible MES-lite solution.

15h00 – 15h30 How to go live with SAP S/4HANA in 6 months in Covid-19 times? DTH First Class Logistics did it together with Flexso!
Presented by ODTH.
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Customer: ODTH First Class Logistics

Partner: Flexso

Speaker: Bart Weymans (ODTH) and Liesbeth Verachtert (Flexso)

Synopsis: ODTH First class logistics is a leading 3rd Party Logistics Provider (3PL) in Belgium. To remain a leader, differentiate from competition and realize its innovation strategy, ODTH decided to make the move to SAP S/4HANA. They asked Flexso to support with the conversion of its SAP ECC environment towards SAP S/4HANA.

During this presentation you will hear how to go live in only 6 months thanks to a phased approach with eye for best practices and the right tooling, such as Quick Fixes.

You will also discover all about the key objectives and key decision parameters of the project, including infrastructure, conversion approach and roadmap with eye for S/4 conversion accelerators, SAP best practices and the right tooling, such as S/4 Readiness Check, Business Scenario Recommendations, Custom Code Quick Fixes, …

See how ODTH expands its core ERP platform with the latest S/4HANA features, unlocking new potential for the whole enterprise, and especially also its roadmap towards SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM), to become the 3PL of the future. Finally we will zoom in on how you can combine the SAP S/4HANA conversion project with the complete renewal of the underlying IT infrastructure & hosting platform.

15h30 – 16h00 Customer 360°: an introduction in SAP Customer Data Platform
Presented by SAP.
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Partner: SAP

Speaker: Joris Buckinx

Synopsis: In the Customer Experience world, we often face silos. SAP is proud of introducing this Nov 2020, the “Customer Data Platform”. Learn the Why – What – How this CDP will enable a “unified and contextual customer PROFILE” to drive even better engagement.

16h00 – 16h30 Smart migration approach to convert from SAP ERP to S/4HANA
Presented by SOA People.
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Partner: SOA People

Speaker: Dr. Tamas Szirtes

Synopsis: We are in an economic crisis and SAP extended the maintenance for SAP ERP. So why convert to SAP S/4HANA? What value does it offer which justifies its implementation asap? This webinar will talk about the value aspect and present our highly efficient approach, which is qualified by SAP. This approach provides a conversion to SAP S/4HANA at a fixed and attractive price.

After this presentation, you will know :

  • How to generate the business case for moving to SAP S/4HANA.
  • How to find the best migration approach for you.
  • How to convert in a very short time at a fixed and competitive price.


  • SAP S/4HANA value drivers
  • Smart Migration approach from SOA People
    • Performer for SAP S/4HANA to create your business case
    • Digital Transformation Workshop
    • Our 5-step approach (Greenfield versus Brownfield versus Selective)
    • Our package solutions
    • SOA People Factory for SAP S/4HANA
  • Ready2 Convert to SAP S/4HANA Qualified Partner Package
  • Q&A
16h30 – 16h45
Closing end act
16h45 – 17h00
Entertainment – Gamification – Awards & Closing